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Staneski to be Honored by CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Posted on October 4, 2018 by jdooley


MILFORD- State Rep. Pam Staneski (Milford & Orange) has been named a member of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s (CCADV) 2018 Class of First 100 Plus.

Earlier this year, State Rep. Pam Staneski (R-119) took part in a press conference with CCADV President & CEO Karen Jarmoc and Dr. William Petit (R-22) highlighting the proposed changes to the Dual Arrest laws in Connecticut.

 Rep. Staneski was selected for recognition due to her leadership and work in making a positive difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors in Connecticut. Pam worked with local domestic violence organizations to create statewide system change to the dual arrest law in Connecticut in 2018.

Staneski, co-sponsored bi-partisan legislation that changes Connecticut’s existing intimate partner violence dual arrest law to add a ‘dominant aggressive’ provision. Current statistics show that CT has a 20% dual arrest (aggressor and victim arrested) rate.

 “Our job as legislators is to protect our residents and to fix laws that have unintended consequences—victims of domestic violence should never be treated and arrested like their abusers,” said Rep. Staneski. “I want to thank CCADV for this honor and for their strong advocacy for victims.”

 A dual arrest occurs when both parties are arrested for a family violence offense after police intervention and investigation. Connecticut’s dual arrest rate is double national rates. Victims of domestic violence have experienced first-hand the unintended consequences of dual arrest when they make the call to have police intervene—small children who just witnessed a parent being abused are traumatized when both parents are carted away in police cars, public reporting of the arrest result in ‘quiet’ gossip among neighbors, and many feeling victimized all over again.

 The CCADV this year is celebrating their 40th anniversary and Year of the Woman! The Class of 2018 is comprised entirely of women leading the domestic violence movement and working to improve the lives of survivors.

 The 8th Annual First 100 Plus Breakfast & Awards Ceremony will be on Friday, November 9, 2018 at the Hartford Marriott Downtown.