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Rep. Staneski Says Thank you to our Educators

Posted on May 9, 2018 by jdooley


Two, four, six, eight, who do we Appreciate?  Teachers, say it again—Teachers!  This month we celebrate those people who have chosen to become educators, people who help our children grow into mature, aspiring adults.  This is a difficult task — we are not just assembling widgets that must be equal in every way or discarded.  Our students bring to the classroom an array of differences and experiences that must be considered as teachers plan their many lessons.  They must take this assorted group of young people and engage them in learning amidst a challenging array of competing stimuli. Yet, our educators continue to rise to the task—battling the latest reality show, computer game,  I-pod, and MP3s in their quest to capture the attention of their students, and our children,  and connect their world to the curriculum, concepts, and theories  that are taught.  Along with that, they are coaches, class and club advisors, confidants, and friends.  Many work beyond the school day to ensure our children’s success, taking home papers to grade, researching topics for discussion, or making phone calls to parents.  Why do they do all of this?  To a teacher who is passionate about their profession, the answer is found when they see a student (even if only one) have that ‘ah-ha’ moment. 

Reflect back on your own education.  Forget about the time you put a frog in the teacher’s desk and remember that teacher (maybe the same one!), who helped you discover something about yourself?  Was it that shop teacher who helped you understand rise over run (the thing you told your algebra teacher you would never use) as you made your angle cut for a trim piece of wood?  Was it that English teacher who taught Shakespeare in a way that has you attending theater productions at Yale?  Or perhaps, it was that elementary teacher whose smile made you want to be in class every day.  We all have them, those fond memories of that special teacher who really did help shape who we are today.  So, do more than just read that bumper sticker, you know the one—If you can read this, thank a teacher—thank that teacher, and then thank your child’s teacher or teachers for their commitment to your child, my child, our children—they truly help mold our future.  THANK YOU EDUCATORS of MILFORD AND ORANGE!!