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Rep. Staneski Op-Ed: The $10 Million Toll Study Update

Posted on September 11, 2018 by jdooley


In July, the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee voted to bond $10 million to study electronic highway tolls in Connecticut.  I joined my Republican House colleagues in calling for a special session to reverse this decision. Whether you are for or against tolls, I believe that you would agree with me that a special session should have been called.

Moving this forward (and spending $10 million of taxpayer money!) via the Bonding Commission, the Governor circumvented the legislative process. It is the responsibility of the General Assembly to decide whether or not money should be spent on a toll study, it is not solely the Governor’s prerogative, along with his mostly appointed Bond Commission. Comptroller Lembo agreed with this and cast a no vote.

The General Assembly had an opportunity this past session to vote on a similar bill; however, the bill failed to gain a vote in either Chamber.  In making the decision to add the study to the Bond Commission agenda, the Governor’s spokesperson blamed the Republicans for the failure of the bill, but Democrats hold the majority and didn’t move it forward. Regardless, the Governor does not have the authority to spend taxpayer dollars via executive order. Processes and rules are in place for a reason—this Governor blatantly thumbed his nose at them, and the majority party joined him.

By our rules, the Governor or a majority of the members of each house may call a special session of the General Assembly. Republicans hold 71 out of the 151 seats in the House.  All 71 supported the call for a special session; three of our Democratic colleagues joined us, leaving the call short by two signatures.  The mere fact that the leaders of House Democrats did not push for a special session makes them complacent in the failure of our democratic process.  If they don’t like the rules, they make them up. Setting this kind of precedent is not good for Connecticut and takes us down a road we cannot afford—a $10 million dollar ‘road’ in this case, and who knows how much in the future?

As always, please reach out to me with any questions on the issue of tolls or other matters of concern to you my office number is 1.800.842.1423 or email me at

Rep. Staneski: Weekend Closure of I-95 Southbound On-Ramp at Exit 34 in Milford

Posted on September 6, 2018 by jdooley


The Connecticut Department of Transportation is announcing a weekend ramp closure on I-95 at the Exit 34 southbound on-ramp in Milford beginning Friday, September 7, from 8:00 PM until 5:00 AM, Monday, September 10.

Detour Information

  • Southbound traffic on Route 1, follow detour signs to I-95 SB On-Ramp at Exit 33 interchange.
  • Northbound traffic on Route 1, follow detour signs to I-95 NB On-Ramp to Exit 35 to Schoolhouse Rd. and enter on to I-95 SB entrance at Exit 35 interchange.

This project involves beam end repair and bearing replacement of four bridges on I-95, I-91, Rte. 8 and Rte. 15 in the towns of Milford, Wallingford and Trumbull. The work involves jacking existing bridge beams, replace bridge bearings, repair bridge decks and structural steel repairs. The four bridges under repair are:

  • Bridge No. 00136, Milford, I-95 over Ramps 115 & 117.
  • Bridge No. 03125, Wallingford, SR 702 over I-91 Southbound.
  • Bridge No. 05256, Trumbull, Route 15 NB over Route 8 & Route 8 Ramp 143.
  • Bridge No. 05257, Trumbull, Route 15 SB over Route 8 & Route 8 Ramp 143.

DOT Project is scheduled for completion on October 19, 2018.

Staneski & Ferraro Vote to Provide Heating Assistance to 80,000 CT Families

Posted on August 21, 2018 by jdooley


HARTFORD- State Representatives Pam Staneski (R-119) and Charles Ferraro (R-117) today supported a bi-partisan, unanimous agreement to provide fuel assistance to low income families across Connecticut regardless of how they heat their homes this winter last week.

During a joint meeting of the Appropriations, Energy, and Human Services committees, both Staneski and Ferraro voted unanimously for the federal block grant LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Plan) that helps low income households cover the costs of deliverable fuels.

The Department of Social Services is expecting the federal government to allocate the same amount as last year, $80.74 million. According to the Department of Social Services 80,000 Connecticut families were eligible to receive heating assistance last winter.

“This is a public safety issue and it is absolutely necessary for those on fixed incomes, particularly our Orange and Milford families who are struggling. “The LIHEAP program is a lifeline to many and I’m pleased we we’re able to reach a bipartisan agreement,” said Rep. Staneski.

“Government should always be there for those that need our help the most,” said Rep. Ferraro. “We must protect programs like LIHEAP and I hope the Federal Government continues to provide this relief to thousands of homeowners who are struggling or on fixed incomes.”

The first fuel delivery available for coverage under the program is November 14, 2018 and the last day to submit deliverable fuel bills is May 31. Basic Benefits are determined based on income, household size, vulnerability and liquid assets. Vulnerable households and households with the lowest incomes receive the highest awards.