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Sredzinski: State AB Process in Chaos for August Primary

Posted on August 4, 2020 by jdooley


MONROE- State Rep. J.P. Sredzinski (R-112) expressed disappointment with the Connecticut’s Secretary of State’s Office (SOTS) after its been revealed that 85 people in Monroe and 202 in Newtown and 20,000 ballots state-wide registered Republicans and Democrats who requested an Absentee Ballot for the August 11 Primary may not get one.

According to reports, the Secretary of State unilaterally chose to use an out-of-state mail service to get ballots to voters, restricting the number of ballots local town clerks could have.

But now at the eleventh hour, the mail vendor has failed to mail the ballots to the voters and SOTS has told the affected towns it is on them to get those ballots out to voters not the vendor.

Rep. Sredzinski said, “This kind of agency disfunction is unacceptable and harms the integrity of our electoral process and could lead to mass voter confusion. We need a full review of this process.”