Rep. Sredzinski Votes Against Tax Hikes and Bad Economic Policies in New Biennial Budget

Posted on June 4, 2019 by admin


HARTFORD –At approximately 10:30 last night, after a full day of debate, the House of Representatives passed a biennial budget with a vote of 86-65. All Republicans, including State Representative JP Sredzinski (R-112) and a few Democrats, voted against the plan.

“My main budget priority this year was restoring education funding to Monroe and Newtown that had been cut by the governor,” said Rep. Sredzinski. “Monroe was facing the loss of $3 million in state education aid over the next two years. I fought very hard, speaking with members of the Appropriations and Finance Committees, along with the Governor’s Office, to ease the burdens of cuts at this magnitude and establish more manageable and predictable aid for my district. I am relieved to share that I was able to reduce the cuts to Monroe’s education funding to just $242,000 in 2020. These funding cuts are more predictable and something we can plan for. What we can’t plan for are the new and increased sales taxes and fees included in this budget. There will be a new plastic bag tax, taxes on digital downloads and streaming services such as Netflix and iTunes, rideshare fees for services like Uber and Lyft, dry cleaning taxes, restaurant meal taxes, and more. These bad economic policies are hurting businesses and making Connecticut less and less affordable.”

The budget now awaits a vote in the Senate.