Rep. Sredzinski Speaks with Bridgeport Regional Business Council

Posted on March 14, 2019 by Greg MacKinnon


HARTFORD – The Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC) visited the Capitol on Thursday, March 14, to learn more about how the legislative process works and the best way to speak with legislators about business-related issues that could potentially be solved through legislation. Rep. Sredzinski joined one of his Democratic Colleagues, Rep. Steve Stafstrom, who represents Bridgeport’s Black Rock section.

“The Bridgeport Regional Business Council plays a critical function of connecting businesses and government. I felt that it was important to make myself available to the members of the BRBC this morning in order for them to gain another perspective on matters related to the state itself. I want to thank Rep. Stafstrom for inviting me to present with him this morning” explained Rep. Sredzinski.

The meeting focused on the nuances of how a bill becomes a law. Outside of the standard procedure of legislation going through the committee process and being ratified by both houses of the legislature, there are many ways in which an idea can become a law.

Following the presentation, there were several questions about the best practices of contacting a state legislator.

“Every resident of Connecticut has two legislators working for them, their State Representative and their State Senator. These are the people who should answer your e-mails, calls or other forms of communication. However, if your business is located in a specific district that you do not live in, it’s a good idea to reach out to those representatives and senators too. The better understanding the legislature has on an issue, the more likely it is to be acted upon,” explained Rep. Sredzinski.

Rep. Sredzinski went on to say that he actively works with business owners that contact him. Although they do not meet the standard definition of a constituent, there’s a good chance that the members of my communities will use their services or shop in their storefronts so their concerns or questions are very important to me.

Members of the BRBC spent the remaining portion of the day meeting with legislators throughout the Capitol Complex.