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Rep. Sredzinski Participates in Public Safety Hearing

Posted on March 5, 2020 by hbrooks


HARTFORD – As the leading House Republican on the Connecticut General Assembly’s (CGA) Public Safety and Security Committee, State Rep. JP Sredzinski (R-112) participated in a public hearing on 24 bills at the Legislative Office Building on Thursday.

At the hearing, two bills authored by Rep. Sredzinski were made available for public comment. The first, HB 5319, would exempt volunteer fire and emergency medical services (EMS) from the fee for a criminal history records check, while the second, HB 5322, seeks to improve the reliability of 911 calls by obliging 911 service providers to deliver continuous and uninterrupted services.

“As our state changes and evolves in terms of technology, so do our public safety needs,” said Rep. Sredzinski. “Providing no-cost State of Connecticut background checks for volunteer fire and EMS agencies is significant to help recruit personnel and cut costs to our local emergency agencies. Further, the ability for state residents to have consistent, 100-percent reliable 911 service is critical to public safety.”

Rep. Sredzinski also welcomed Maureen Will of Newtown, who testified in favor of HB 5321, which would establish a task force on the consolidation of public safety answering point consolidation. Ms. Will is the Director of Newtown Emergency Communications Center and the Chair of the Managers of Emergency Communications Centers Association (MECCA).