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Reflections on 2020

Posted on December 31, 2020 by wroddy


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As 2020 draws to a close, I wanted to briefly share with you my reflections on the past year and what I hope the coming year will bring.

This year has brought many challenges to us here in Connecticut and across this nation. For many in our lives who are out of work, in mourning, or just overwhelmed by the unexpected changes this year brought, these challenges may seem too great to be overcome.

But with all of the obstacles of 2020, I have to reflect on some of the bright spots of this dark year. Working in 9-1-1 emergency response in Stratford, I have immense respect for our first responders – police, fire, EMS, and all support personnel – that put on the uniform day after day to protect our communities during this crisis.

I’m thankful for the food pantry staff and volunteers that are still working to this day to assist families struggling with joblessness or loss of a breadwinner.

And I’m thankful for the everyday Connecticut residents doing countless small and large acts of kindness for one another or as a community.

If I’m hopeful for anything in 2021, it’s that this spirit of cooperation and giving will continue and grow.

Thank you for sharing this year with me, and please stay safe and take care of one another.

Wishing you peace and good health in the new year,

State Rep. JP Sredzinski, 112th District