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COVID-19 Update – Phases 2 and 3 Reopening Plans

Posted on May 21, 2020 by hbrooks


I hope you are safe and healthy. I am writing with an update on the state’s phased reopening plan and a notice from the Dept. of Transportation of plans for traffic signal revisions in Monroe.

Gov. Lamont Releases New Details of State’s Phased Reopening Plan

At his daily press conference yesterday, Governor Lamont released new details of the state’s phased reopening plan that extends through the summer. The plan proceeds in three phases: Phase 1, which took effect yesterday; Phase 2, which will take effect on or around June 20; and Phase 3, which will take effect at least four weeks later. The slides below provide details on Phases 2 and 3:

In order to progress to Phase 2, the state must meet five criteria:

  • Declining transmission: Less than 100 bed net increase in hospitalizations in the last week of Phase 1
  • Testing and contact tracing: 100,000 a week and 50% completed contact tracing within 48 hours
  • Business & social safeguards: Rules and regulations disseminated two weeks prior to the Phase 2 reopening
  • Protection for the vulnerable: Testing plan for key workers and priority high-risk communities have to be implemented
  • Healthcare capacity: <20% of beds occupied by COVID-19 patients amongst the total peak COVID-19 bed capacity

I will continue to keep you updated as the Phase 2 and 3 reopening plans materialize over the coming weeks and months.

Traffic Control Signal Revision Plans in Monroe

The Dept. of Transportation (DOT) is developing plans to remove the nighttime flashing signals, install video detection, and replace traffic controllers at select state-owned and maintained signals in southwestern Connecticut, including at three intersections in Monroe: Route 25 (Main St.) at Pepper St. & Drive to Industrial Park; Route 25 at Canterbury Square Drive; and Route 111 (Monroe Tpk.) at Monroe Plaza Dr. and Reda Center Dr.

The design plans for this project are expected to be completed by October 2022 with tentative start of construction in early 2023.