Report details power issues in Monroe

Posted on April 11, 2022

In the past two months, some residents in Monroe have experienced cycling of their power as it rapidly turns off and on. Eversource has released an update about that issue, which they say was related to a failure of a switch that was caused by icing on a power line, a downed tree and another issue with software. I am continuing to communicate with the company and provide them with your feedback about the situation.

You can read a report about the issues by clicking on the picture above or at this link.

Monroe’s First Selectman Ken Kellogg also shared this recent message about the issues:

“I know that many residents were affected, and frustrated, by the recent power issues in Monroe,” he stated. “Eversource further advised that while all repair and improvement work necessary to stabilize the system has been completed, they will be completely replacing the two source circuits that feed the Monroe Substation as further protection. This is a large project that will take Eversource several months to complete.”