Rep. Scott hosts question-and-answer session with Jockey Hollow Middle School students

Posted on November 19, 2021

As the Capitol partially re-opens to visitors, Rep. Tony Scott, R-112th, took the opportunity to guide students from his hometown of Jockey Hollow Middle School during a tour of the building and the Legislative Office Building the week of Nov. 12.

Rep. Scott met with 8th-grade students to discuss the legislative process and give them a close-up view of the legislative process. He’s always listening and available to his constituents who let him know about the issues that are important to them and their needs within his district.There are serious bills that come up for votes, such as providing more heating assistance to seniors during the winter season, and also the fun – voting to make pizza the official state food, he told the class.  It’s the people who live in his district who hold him accountable and decide whether he stays in office or not, which is a great aspect of democracy, he told the class.

Scott, whose daughters are students at Jockey Hollow in his hometown of Monroe, also shared the story of his daughter who campaigned for the title of Connecticut’s Kid Governor and how she inspired him to run for office.

“These students were engaged, bright and eager to learn about the process,” Rep. Scott said. “I’m looking forward to seeing them again in Hartford as they grow to become our future leaders.”

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