Newtown Legislators Collect Pet Food for Local Furry Friends

Posted on March 10, 2022

NEWTOWN – In what can only be described as a successful drive, State Reps. Tony Scott (R-112) and Mitch Bolinsky (R-106) along with State Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) joined the monthly FAITH Food Pantry for a cat and dog food drive behind St. Rose Church.

During tough economic times, especially with the rising cost of human and pet food, and other essential goods due to high inflation, pet owners are being forced to choose on whether to buy food for themselves or their pet.

Rep. Mitch Bolinsky said, “On Saturday, our neighbors in Newtown and friends from as far away as Ridgefield came out in a steady flow to generously share their kindness with strangers in need. A heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ to all those who gave to re-stock the Faith Food Pantry’s shelves with essential nutrition and care items for folks in our community and their four-legged friends. It’s been a challenging couple of years and the beautiful people of FFP and Newtown’s broader Faith Community have been there for so many local residents who’ve found themselves needing a hand-up at a time of pandemic uncertainties and economic pressures. Changes in employment, upended national supply-chains and runaway inflation on so many necessities of life are forcing some folks to make very difficult choices about things many take for granted. Having to choose between keeping a roof over one’s head, paying their utilities, buying food staples, clothing, transportation and healthcare can add-up to be terribly stressful, especially when those choices also include the care and feeding of companion animals.

“Newtown’s Faith Food Pantry is there to take a bit of the pressure off, helping make ends meet. Please join me supporting their good work. They’re there for us. Please, be there for them,” added Bolinsky.

“Thank you to all who came out Saturday to help, especially the students who have made it a mission in their schools to gather all they could to aid our four-legged friends,” Rep. Scott, of Monroe, said. “Drives like these are essential for helping families and their pets through trying times and I’m glad we could all come together to assist.”

“The FAITH Food Pantry has been a staple for providing food and loving community services by Newtown volunteers for over 30 years, and now we need them more than ever,” said Sen. Hwang. “There are so many more challenges facing families today, between Covid fear/fatigue, job insecurity, inflated gas and grocery prices, it is hard to get food on the table – or in the bowl in this case. I appreciate the community coming together to donate food for all family members including our extended family pets, who are in need, God bless.”

According to the FAITH Pantry over 100 items of dry and wet pet food were collected during the drive.The FAITH Pantry’s Terry Ferris said, “Thank you for your help with the pet food drive – it will make such an amazing difference for our clients.”

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