Rep. Sampson Believes Hidden Tax is Not a Solution to Crumbling Foundations

Posted on May 11, 2018 by admin


CT State Rep. Rob Sampson (R-Southington, Wolcott), Chairman of the legislature’s Conservative Caucus and Ranking Republican Member on the Insurance and Real Estate Committee, spoke on, and ultimately voted against, H.B. 5209, An Act Concerning Long-Term Care Insurance Premium Rate Increases.

Sampson believes the bill is a hidden tax on residents and that the funds collected would not be enough to help those with crumbling foundations. In addition, Sampson argues that this is unfair to insurance companies as well as residents in other parts of the state who were not affected by this issue.

Finally, Sampson notes that the title does not reflect the language in the bill since the original language was entirely removed and replaced at the last minute. Long-term care insurance refers to products individuals can purchase to assist them with extended medical care, while the crumbling foundations legislation is more applicable to home owners insurance.