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Opinion by Rep. Rob Sampson

Posted on December 4, 2018 by admin


Election Day is finally behind us. Thank you to the voters of Connecticut’s 16th Senate District for putting their faith in me to represent their interests in our state government. I am excited to begin this new journey in the senate and am humbled by the amazing show of support from the towns I represent. I will strive to continue to serve with honor and dignity. Thank you for placing your trust in me once again.

Thank you also to the amazing people that supported me and helped with the campaign, especially those that have been there since the beginning. I promise never to forget where I come from, the principles I stand for and what’s most important in life. For me, that is our individual health and happiness, and our respective freedom and opportunity for success.

I believe I was re-elected because I have been clear and outspoken in my positions and goals, and because of my strong opposition to the policies that have harmed our economy, enlarged our debt and hindered job creation. I am pleased by the support our community had for my message of fixing the economy now and protecting and preserving our American identity from the threat of big government, socialism, and identity politics.

Sadly, the results across Connecticut didn’t play out in our favor and we will now have to stand as a beacon of hope for how we are to take back our state, improve our economy, and create a better future. I promise to stand firm as the first wall of defense in the State Senate and will do everything in my power to protect our towns from education cuts, from tax hikes, from crime in our inner cities, and from irresponsible government debt that threatens our future.

How our new Governor chooses to resolve the deficit will be the first major issue to tackle this upcoming legislative session.  Will he raise taxes like his predecessor?  Will he reduce municipal aid and drive up our local taxes?  Or will he finally begin to rein in spending and adopt policies to grow Connecticut’s business opportunities and jobs?  I will offer my support and guidance to the new administration but will in all cases put the best interests of my constituents and our state first.

I promise to remain a steadfast voice for a different and better direction. I will propose bills to improve our business environment, eliminate wasteful spending and taxes and make our state an attractive place to live, work, and retire again. I will support legislation that will reverse our current economic decline by restoring respect for hard work, for American ingenuity, and by actively supporting job creators in our state. I will fight for common sense budgeting, responsible leadership, and work hard to protect our freedoms.

I will stand for the American principles of limited government and individual liberty. I will protect your individual right to live your life the way you see fit and defend the constitutional rights of all Connecticut’s citizens. Fighting identity politics was a central theme of my campaign. I will not support policies that benefit one group over another, pit people against each other, or exploit the needs of anyone for political purposes. The people of our state deserve better.

Thank you for placing your trust in me once again. No one should be forced to leave our state because of the decisions made in our state government. Like you, this is my home and I will work hard to make it better.

The next legislative session begins in January and I will be using the next few weeks to put together a list of bills for consideration. If you have an issue that concerns you, don’t hesitate to give me a call or email me at the Capitol. 860-240-8700 /

Opinion by Rep. Sampson – “Ignore the Distractions. This is why we need change.”

Posted on September 26, 2018 by admin


Campaign season is now upon us and with it will come loads of rhetoric, accusations, and promises. Mostly, it will come with plenty of distractions. Hartford Democrats have nothing to offer, no ideas on how to fix our economy and they can’t bring themselves to acknowledge their path has been a disaster. So, be prepared to see through the ridiculous claims and false attacks meant to distract from the record.

This month, I thought I would recap just some of the policies that have been adopted in our state over the last few years to paint a picture of where we have been and where we should go. It’s no secret that Connecticut’s economy, like many of its residents, has gone south.

I suppose passage of the two largest “Malloy” tax increases in state history had something to do with it. Perhaps it was the shameful ten-year extension to 2027 of the SEBAC deal Democrats passed on a party-line vote last summer seeing the writing on the wall that they may not be in charge next January.

Possibly, it’s the excessive regulations that crush small businesses and eliminate jobs. Let’s not forget the union stewards who were recently exposed by public auditors for receiving taxpayer money for union work on taxpayer time, or the deceased professor paid by UCONN for months and months before he was discovered missing. Everyday, there is seemingly a new story about how our tax dollars were wasted – or worse.

Maybe, a contributing factor is the constant increase in healthcare premiums attributed to both our state and federal governments meddling in what was certainly an imperfect, but at least functioning system. I hope no one forgets former President Obama’s promises that you will get to keep your doctor and your plan, or that huge savings -$2500 per family were on the horizon.

We all know it turned out a little different. This past year Democrats, fearful of an Obamacare repeal in Washington, put it right in our Connecticut law. Worse, they tried to claim this was a “woman’s health care” bill for the purpose of their nonsensical claim of a Republican “war on women.”

There was also the CTFastrak to Nowhere, a first-rate example of government waste and mismanagement that we will continue to pay off for many years to come. At this point, the Fastrak might as well go to Florida!

Most recently, Governor Malloy, while repeatedly emphasizing the need for money to fix our roads and bridges, circumvented the legislature to spend $10 million on a tolls study! I have an idea – how about spending the $10M on the roads and bridges.

Few people disagree that these choices were mistakes and that the result of such fiscal mismanagement has left our beautiful state struggling for a new path. Every mistake made in Hartford pushes us one step farther from a turn around. Phony transportation lockboxes, misleading healthcare policies, a disdain for the rule of law and a blatant inability to control spending are just some of the reasons why people have lost all faith in Hartford.

There is no doubt that our state needs a new direction and that requires new leadership. Ultimately, we need to remake Connecticut into a more attractive place for everyone to live, work, start or run a business, raise a family, and retire. The answer is a smaller, more transparent, and more responsive government that spends less, taxes less, and encourages ambitious entrepreneurs to take risks and create jobs. Growing our economy is the way forward, and the only way to pay off our obligations.

I am hopeful for a new path forward after the election and that the next legislative session will be more promising. I promise to do my part.

As always, you can find me at

Opinion by Rep. Rob Sampson – “Beware of Gimmicks”

Posted on August 16, 2018 by admin


This month I thought I would share a few more reasons we need change in our state government.   In July, Governor Malloy chose to forgo our rule of law and system of government to force the passage of his ridiculous $10 million “study” for tolls through the Bond Commission and then authorize the spending via executive order. My colleague and dear friend Senator Joe Markley is doing his best to use the courts to stop this injustice and I hope he prevails.

The bonding for this wasteful expenditure passed by a vote of 9-3 with the only two Republican members of the Bond Commission, and one Democrat, voting against it. Amazingly, the state’s treasurer, Denise Nappier, abstained because she did not want her position on the record. Surely Connecticut’s top financial officer would want a say in this matter, or so you would think.

The governor’s shameful misuse of $10 million is a perfect example of why our state’s finances are in shambles. That’s $10 million that could be used to repair a bridge, or a few roads, or perhaps a stretch of highway heavily traveled during rush hour. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be a priority to our current leaders.

My house Republican colleagues and I led the charge to stop this madness by submitting 71 letters (one from each member of our caucus) to the Secretary of State’s office requesting a special session. Unfortunately, only a few Democrats joined us, leaving us short of the 76 required signatures needed to force a special session. I was disappointed, but not surprised.

That brings us to the infamous transportation “lockbox,” which I have debated numerous times on the House floor and during our most recent Government Administration and Elections Committee meeting just as the Bond Commission was approving the $10 million for the toll study in the next room.

This item will appear on the ballot in November giving us the choice to make an amendment to our state constitution providing for a “lockbox” on transportation funds. Unfortunately, the language in this amendment does no such thing. It will not protect transportation funds, nor prevent the state government from continuing the irresponsible spending practices and mismanagement they are becoming famous for.

Make no mistake – the lockbox is just a gimmick. There are no protections for Connecticut citizens or guarantees that money placed in this lockbox will be used solely for transportation improvements. The money that would go into the lockbox can be changed by a simple majority vote of the legislature and the money spent on “transportation purposes” can be redefined at any time in the same way. Essentially, the Governor and legislature can do what they have always done and choose to misuse our hard-earned tax dollars.

The best example is the so-called “Special Transportation Fund” itself. This is already the same kind of lockbox where money is supposed to be set aside for that purpose. Sadly, it has been repeatedly drained, swept, or circumvented repeatedly since its inception. A new “lockbox” will not stop that.

Vote either way I say since it makes no difference. However, my fear is that the transportation “lockbox” is simply being used to convince voters that an increase in the gas tax or tolls is necessary to fix our roads and bridges. Don’t believe it. As I said in the meeting, we don’t need any more gimmicks, we simply need responsible people in our state government who will make maintaining our transportation infrastructure a priority.

The State of Connecticut takes in plenty of our tax dollars every year. As I said in a previous column, the state is not necessarily broke, but it is broken. The state takes in more money in taxes every year than the year before. Sadly, it also spends exponentially more also.

We don’t need any new tolls or taxes. Rather, we need to control wasteful spending and elect good people to make responsible decisions on how it is spent. I am hopeful about the future, however, and can’t wait to work with people who truly want to restore the prosperity of our beautiful state.

As always, my door is open to you. Please contact me whenever you’d like to discuss an issue important to you. I deeply value the opinions of my constituents and I look forward to hearing from you. You can find me at