State Rep. Rutigliano: Welcome back to school Trumbull kids

Posted on August 26, 2022


Welcome back to school Trumbull kids! The first day of school for Trumbull students is Tuesday, August 30th.

I want to remind all Trumbull drivers to be extra cautious on our public roadways.

School is about to begin, thousands of our children will be out at the end of their driveways or on the side of a road waiting for the school bus or a parent every day.

Remember, when school is in session drivers should be sure to drive with EXTRA caution. The following are safety tips for motorists, parents, and children.

Here are some tips for motorists:

  • State law prohibits passing a school bus with its lights flashing. Some school buses are equipped with cameras to record passing drivers.
  • Observe the no-passing law and expect the unexpected when traveling near school buses in school driveways.
  • Watch for children traveling to school when driving in neighborhoods with school zones.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks in the neighborhood.

Watch for children playing and gathering near school bus stops.

There are also some safety tips for parents and children.

  • Be waiting at your bus stop 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled pick up.
  • Wait 10 feet back from the road and wear visible clothing.
  • Always wait for the bus driver’s head nod before boarding the bus or crossing the street. They’re watching out for you!
  • If you can’t see the driver, then the driver can’t see you. Make visual contact!
  • If you drop something in the road, leave it. If it’s important, make sure the bus driver knows you’re about to bend down and possibly disappear from his/her sight.
  • If an important item ends up under the bus, do not retrieve it unless the driver gives you permission to do so.
  • Board the bus and quickly find a seat.
  • Try to avoid distracting the bus driver for anything other than an emergency.

I hope this information is helpful. I wish you all a safe and successful school year!