Trumbull Delegation Opposes Excessive Arbitration Award for Assistant Attorneys General

Posted on April 2, 2019 by jdooley


HARTFORD — Trumbull state legislators, State Reps. David Rutigliano (R-123), Laura Devlin (R-134) and Ben McGorty (R-122) all voted against a new two-year contract Wednesday for newly unionized lawyers working for State Attorney General William Tong that includes raises costing the state an additional $3.3 million starting in the second year.

Rep. Rutigliano said, “I am disappointed that the Democrats in Hartford decided to rubber-stamp these exorbitant and lavish union agreements without consideration of the impacts on taxpayers or the programs. We simply do not have the money in our state budget to pay for these contracts, no wonder they need to raise taxes.”

“This union contract is completely unaffordable and out of line with state budget priorities. The list of new state spending being proposed seems to increase daily with no end in sight while at the same time the legislature is proposing new taxes on every item under the sun including the possibility of tolls. The middle class in getting crushed under this weight,” said Rep. Devlin.

“I thought Governor Ned Lamont was going to usher in a new way of doing things, but instead he and his friends in the legislature are reverting back to the days of Governor Dan Malloy,” Rep. McGorty added. “This is a prime example of our state’s spending problems.”

The contract was decided through arbitration earlier this week.

In addition to a no-layoff agreement, the arbitration award between the state and the brand new bargaining unit created for 185 Assistant Attorneys General and 14 department heads results in more than $3.3 million in new spending each year. Included are $2,000 lump sum bonuses and base salary increases of 5.5% each year. 

Current average annual salaries are in excess of $120,000 as a result of this contract the average annual salary will increase to $133,000. Additionally the agreement applies to department heads who will receive additional $18,000 stipends over two years.

The agreement was approved by votes of 77-67 in the House and 19-17 in the Senate. It covers at least 185 Assistant Attorneys General, including 14 that serve as department heads, whose average annual salaries will be increased to nearly $133,500.