Rep. Rebimbas Achieves Perfect Voting Record for 2018 Session

Posted on June 29, 2018 by admin


HARTFORD –State Representative Rosa C. Rebimbas (R-Naugatuck), House Republican Whip, has achieved a perfect voting record for the 2018 session according to a report just released on Thursday.

“Each piece of legislation put before the House is important to someone in the State of Connecticut and, therefore, each bill deserves fair and equal consideration,” Rep. Rebimbas said. “Being in attendance for each vote is no easy task, but it is my job. My constituents have trusted me to represent them fully and consistently in the legislature, and that trust is something I take very seriously. As always, it is an honor to represent the 70th district.”

During the 2018 Session, which lasted from February 7th to May 9th, there were 317 total votes held in the House of Representatives. Only 52 members of the chamber, or roughly 34 percent, were in attendance for all of them. Achieving a perfect voting record is challenging and uncommon, especially when considering many legislators hold full time positions outside the part-time Connecticut legislature, including Rep. Rebimbas.

The 2018 short session mainly focused on budget-related bills, but other important pieces of legislation managed to reach the House floor via the consent of the appropriate committee. One of several proposals Rep. Rebimbas introduced resulted in Public Act 18-128, which concerns the rights and restitution requests of victims of criminal offenses. As Ranking Republican Member of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Rebimbas guided the bill to a favorable report and onto the House floor where it passed the House, and Senate, unanimously, was signed into law, and will take effect on October 1st, 2018.

Rep. Rebimbas also supported legislation assisting veterans, Public Act 18-47, which passed and has been signed into law. This legislation expands education, housing, tax and identification benefits to veterans who suffer from PTSD, brain injuries or other trauma as a result of their service.

Rep. Rebimbas is proud of her voting record and the legislation she was able to support during the session.