Rep. Rebimbas Says Clean Slate Bill Puts Criminals Before Victims

Posted on May 28, 2021

The CT House just voted primarily on party lines to permit the PERMANENT ERASURE of criminal records for individuals who commit heinous acts such as enticing a minor, robbery with the threat of physical force, interfering with an officer, and hate crimes, to name a few.
I spoke in support of a Republican amendment that would remove hate crimes from automatic erasure. The amendment, of course, failed – also along party lines.
The proponents of this bill are the same ones who continue to add to the list of offenses that are deemed hate crimes, and yet, with this bill, they are sending a clear message that these crimes are not severe enough to stay on the offender’s criminal record beyond a certain point….
How do you think the victims feel about that? Sadly, they weren’t given a say….