Major Public Acts from the 2017 Session

Posted on October 19, 2017 by admin


The budget situation has consumed most press coverage since July, but I want you to know that we did make significant progress in other areas during the 2017 Session.

I would like to share a few of the public acts, now laws, which were passed by the General Assembly this year.

In conjunction with other pieces of legislation, that secured passage, these laws will help our veterans, create a more friendly business environment, provide our cities and towns with more flexibility when it comes to education policy, crack down on violent crimes and assist our most vulnerable citizens and those battling severe medical conditions:

  • PA 17-127: Prohibits discrimination against veterans regarding employment, public service, housing and financial credit.
  • PA 17-169: Reduces unnecessary regulation on commercial real estate transactions.
  • PA 17-2: Allows domestic insurers to divide, increasing Connecticut’s appeal to major insurance companies.
  • PA 17-10: Creates a task force to study methods to enhance the insurance industry workforce in Connecticut.
  • PA 17-220: Provides education mandate relief to towns, allowing greater budget flexibility.
  • PA 17-111: Increases the penalties for hate crimes and expands the definition to include crimes against people based on gender bias.
  • PA 17-32: Helps put an end to human trafficking atrocities.
  • PA 17-31: Strengthens laws concerning domestic violence.
  • PA 17-18: Strengthens Connecticut’s “Safe Havens” Law to prevent infant abandonment.
  • PA 17-55: Allows cancer patients access to fertility preservation options.
  • PA 17-61: Establishes a statewide waiting list for housing for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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