Public Hearing on Forced Regionalization Bills – THIS Friday, March 1

Posted on February 26, 2019 by admin


This Friday, March 1, the General Assembly’s Education Committee will be holding a public hearing on all bills concerning forced school regionalization.

As you may be aware, the bills before the Education Committee are calling for towns to consolidate educational services with neighboring communities. The bills supporting this policy change are as follows:

  • S.B. 457, An Act Concerning the Size of School Districts
  • S.B. 738, An Act Concerning the Creation of Regional School Districts
  • S.B. 874, An Act Concerning Education Initiatives and Services in Connecticut

S.B. 457 was introduced by State Sens. Bob Duff (D-25) and Cathy Osten (D-19), and S.B. 738 was introduced by State Sen. Martin Looney (D-11). The third proposal, S.B. 874, is the governor’s bill. The governor’s proposal leaves the door open for forced school regionalization, which could impact towns in the 76th District.

If you have an interest regarding this issue, please feel free to submit testimony or testify in person before the committee. This is your opportunity to have your voices heard and weigh-in on one of the most important issues we will face during the 2019 session.

Below you will find detailed instructions on how to submit testimony.

Submitting Testimony/Written Testimony

  • Format your statement in a Word document or a pdf.
  • Include the bill numbers at the top. The bills dealing with forced school regionalization are SB 457SB 738, and SB 874.
  • Start your written comments with this introduction: “Chairmen McCrory and Sanchez, Ranking Members Berthel and McCarty, and esteemed members of the Education Committee, thank you for allowing me to submit testimony on SB 457, SB 738 and SB 874.
  • End with: “Thank you again for hearing my testimony. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Include your name(s) and town.
  • Attach the document to an email
  • Put the bill numbers in the Subject Line of the email.
  • Address the email to
  • Email the committee before 3:30 PM on Thursday, February 28.
  • These instructions are important for those testifying in person as well as those submitting written testimony only.

Testifying in Person

  • Follow the steps above, then…
  • Sign up to speak at the hearing starting at 10:00 am in the lobby of the Legislative Office Building. The order is first-come, first-serve.
  • The first hour of testimony is reserved for public officials, and after that, students will be given preference so that they can finish early.
  • Everyone who signs up gets to speak, and the hearing will remain open until there are no more speakers.
  • You will have three minutes to speak before the Education Committee. If a Committee member asks you a question afterwards, you may take the time you need to answer.
  • Civility and respect during a public hearing are the standard of behavior expected.


  • Set your GPS to 300 Capitol Avenue. That is the address of the Legislative Office Building (LOB).
  • As you come to the intersection of 300 Capitol Avenue and Hungerford St., make a right onto Hungerford St. and wrap around the building until you see the entrance to the parking garage.
  • Park wherever you find a spot. If no spots are available, which happens periodically, you’ll be directed to a couple of nearby pay lots.
  • Come into the building through the front doors on Hungerford St. and come through security.
  • Restrooms and the cafeteria are on the first floor if you’d like something to eat or drink. There is also a smaller satellite cafeteria in the 3rd floor atrium.

Your testimony is critical to the legislative process. Members of the legislature often rely on public testimony when deliberating on bills in committee and in the chambers. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to discuss these bills with you in greater detail and provide more information about the public hearing process.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me at 1-800-842-1423 or if you have any questions relating to state government.