Piscopo Supports State Police Contract, Additional Measures Aiding Law Enforcement

Posted on January 25, 2023


Hartford – The House of Representatives convened on Wednesday to act on an updated bargaining agreement with the state police force. State Rep. John Piscopo (R-76) voted in support of the contract, which was approved by a final vote tally of 142 – 1.

“Our State Police do a wonderful job, but lately they’re having trouble recruiting and keeping officers on the force. This contract was a necessary first step in getting our ranks back up to an adequate level. We still have more work to do to support our law enforcement officers and their daily efforts to serve and protect,” said Piscopo.

The contract increases state trooper salaries and available resources for work-related training. It will apply to the force’s 888 troopers.

In addition to the support of the state police contract, Piscopo has indicated he will be supporting additional measures that help law enforcement. These measures include:

  • Protecting law enforcement and municipalities from being forced to settle in qualified immunity cases because any denial under current law bars them from appealing that decision until after jury decision. (HB 5361)
  • Evaluating the use of force from the perspective of a reasonable officer in the same situation, based on the totality of the circumstances known to or perceived by the officer at the time, rather than with the benefit of hindsight, and that the totality of the circumstances shall account for occasions when officers may be forced to make quick judgments about the use of force. (HB 5361)
  • Providing clarity and list circumstances under which police can be decertified for undermining public confidence. (HB 5362)
  • Restoring the ability for police to request consent searches during motor vehicle stops when there is reasonable suspicion of a crime. (HB 5361)
  • Requiring P.O.S.T. to rewrite the police pursuit policy to allow pursuit of property crime offenses. (HB 5361)
  • Creating a special account for families of officers killed in action. (HB 5363)