Piscopo, Republicans Petition for Hearing on Truck Tax Repeal

Posted on February 23, 2023


HARTFORD – State Rep. John Piscopo (R-76) joined his colleagues in successfully petitioning the Finance Committee to hear a proposal that seeks to repeal the newly implemented Highway Use Tax (HUT). This tax, passed by Democrats in 2021, is levied according to a truck’s weight, classification and number of miles traveled in Connecticut.

“When I ran for re-election, I told the voters of my district that I was going to do my best to fight for tax relief. This isn’t an easy fix, but allowing folks to speak their mind on how this new tax will impact them is critical. The legislature should listen to the people that will ultimately foot the bill to pay for this expensive policy,” said Rep. Piscopo.

Piscopo and his Republican colleagues petitioned to raise H.B. 5290, An Act Eliminating the Highway Use Tax, despite the Finance Committee’s Democratic leadership attempt to block the concept from being heard.

Considering the committee’s potential inaction, Piscopo added his name to a petition forcing a public hearing on the proposed tax repeal. 51 signatures were collected on Wednesday, meeting the requisite one-third requirement to hold a hearing on the proposed legislation.

It is anticipated that the HUT will bring the state $90 million in new revenue. It was reported, as recently as February 9, that the State Comptroller projects a $1.3 billion surplus for the current fiscal year.