OPINION: Where is Connecticut Headed?

Posted on February 4, 2022


I recently conducted an online survey prior to the start of the 2022 Legislative Session, which begins February 9. I wanted to hear directly from the people of the 76th General Assembly District as to what their thoughts were about the direction Connecticut is headed.

I still want to hear from more of you before I share the results of this survey; if you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to complete it. The survey covers a variety of subjects and asks for input on topics my questions didn’t cover. You can access the survey at www.reppiscopo.com.

I would also like to take this time to share a few examples of what respondents had to say thus far.

In discussing what people felt were the most important issues facing our state, affordability seemed to be at the top of everyone’s mind along with public safety and government transparency. Here are some specific comments:

“Address sales taxes. They are regressive. Also, consider first paying down overwhelming debt rather than offering tax relief.”

“Cut the sales tax.”

“We cannot afford our state government and the present thinking about how it spends our money. We need a much better fiscal responsibility. We need a much more conservative approach and less taxes.”

“Reduce the state’s gas tax.”

Regarding the state’s budget and operations, one respondent wrote, “eliminate the income tax that was supposed to be temporary.” When it came to addressing Governor Lamont’s emergency powers, extensions, and opening the Capitol building to the public, survey respondents wrote, “Governor’s emergency powers must be revoked and we must have public, in person, debate”, “we the people elected our representatives to speak for us and Lamont is overreaching with his executive orders basically removing any voice our representative has”, and “the time is long past for emergency powers. How long is a true emergency? Just like the ‘temporary’ income tax.”

Public safety was also a topic of concern amongst many responses, with several specifically calling for more accountability in our state’s court system—in particular, the juvenile justice system.

Residents also shared comments about many other topics, from expanding services for mental health to supporting small businesses.

I hope that providing some of the comments I’ve received so far will encourage you to chime in on issues that are important to you. I also want to share with you the 2022 Major Issue Report that can be located on my website. The document is prepared by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research, and is designed to give you a bit of background about some of the subjects up for debate when state lawmakers return to Hartford for the legislative session.

This report covers everything from consumer data privacy and community college consolidation to pediatric mental health and traffic safety. Use my survey, or the contact form on my web site, to have your say. Your participation in simple exercises like this are important, and now even more so considering the pandemic has made government less accessible than in the past.

I want to hear from you so that I can effectively be your voice at the Capitol in Hartford. I value your input and will use it to work towards moving Connecticut in the right direction.