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School Reopening Survey Results | Here’s What the 22nd District Had to Say

Posted on July 10, 2020 by admin


Recently, the governor, in cooperation with the Commissioner of Education and the Department of Public Health and medical experts, released the framework and guidelines for reopening Connecticut schools in the fall with in-person learning. As a follow up to this announcement, I asked the people of the 22nd District to complete a brief one-question survey in order to gauge their thoughts about school reopening. A total of 186 individuals completed the survey, and here is an overview of the information collected. 54 percent of individuals said “Yes. Schools should reopen with the proper safeguards and protocols in place,” 20 percent indicated that “No. It is still too early to open schools,” and 25 percent said “I’m not sure about reopening schools this fall”.

Some individuals also left additional comments and here’s what they had to say about the matter:

“Our state has done the best in precautions and as long as we follow those guidelines, we should be ready for any events.”

“I have no children but the parents need to get back to their jobs. IF things don’t work out you can always make changes as needed.”

“The mental health issues are more of a concern than the kids getting covid. Please-back to school, including activities, sports, clubs. These kids aren’t likely to suffer from covid but they are ALL suffering from isolation and a complete disruption to their development.”

“I think the schools should prepare for an opening AND remote learning. I believe it is too early to make a definitive decision. We should wait until August to determine if our COVID numbers are still trending downward and the number of NEW cases are also trending down.”

“I think there are still too many unknowns about this disease such as the long-term impacts. I think we should maintain a distance learning model until we know more about this disease and can find better treatments and/or a vaccine.”

“As a teacher, I feel that my safety was not considered in the governor’s plan to reopen schools in the fall.”

“The potential to trigger another surge of infections is HUGE. Extreme caution MUST be exercised.”

“Schools must reopen. The truancy rate for online classes is extremely high! Our kids need to return because they’ve already lost too much time!”

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete my survey, and I hope you find the information as helpful as I did. I remain in contact with school officials at both the state and local level, and I will be sure to keep you updated as more information unfolds.

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