Perillo Summarizes Republican Budget Proposal **VIDEO**

Posted on May 30, 2023


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Last month, I joined the my House Republican colleagues in unveiling our State Budget Proposal that includes a variety of tax cuts, historic investments, and a plan for more responsible spending for the upcoming fiscal year. Below, I encourage you to watch my brief clip on breaking down our budget proposal which highlights what key aspects from our proposal we’re looking forward to inserting in finalized, bipartisan state budget.


Some important aspects include:

  • $1.16 Billion in sustainable tax relief
  • A Historic $200 million investment in our children’s education
  • Doubles the support for non-profits with a 2.5% increase as compared to other proposals

Our proposal also includes:

  • A $2,000 dollar child tax credit per child for every family
  • It Eliminates the Highway Use Tax
  • And provides a sustainable plan to support our seniors, veterans, medical workers, and first responders.

I encourage you to contact your elected officials and tell them to support our responsible and balanced state budget proposal so that we can promote affordability, safety, and a better quality of life in Connecticut! Please never hesitate to reach out to me with any questions, ideas, and concerns on this or any other state issue by emailing or calling 860-240-8700.