Perillo Defends Better Prices at the Pump – VIDEO

Posted on May 11, 2023


(HARTFORD) — On Tuesday, May 9, State Representative Jason Perillo (R-113) spoke to fellow members of the General Assembly on House Bill 6614, which addresses cash discounts and the use of a debit card for gasoline purchases. During debate, Perillo fought for better prices at the pump as he argued the bill’s language would dis-incentivize merchants from offering the discount and discussed how municipalities are making money off of every gas transaction.

“Many towns are collecting new revenue from ‘convenience fees’ that are inflating prices at the pump and deterring merchants from incentivizing customers with cash discounts,” said Perillo. “These convenience fees don’t sound convenient to me. If we want to put money back into our taxpayers’ pockets, maybe the conversation we should be having is about the state gas tax. Let’s make our state more affordable, relieve our taxpayers, and eliminate this regressive and punitive charge that only makes life more expensive.”

To see more of the testimony and debate, check out Rep. Perillo’s video HERE:


For any additional questions, ideas, and concerns, please never hesitate to reach out to Rep. Perillo at or at 860-240-8700.