(HARTFORD) — As a Rising Diesel Tax Takes Effect, State Rep. Perillo (R-113) Seeks a More Affordable Connecticut

Posted on July 1, 2022


State Rep. Perillo (R-113) House Republican Member of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee responds to the 9-cent increase of the Diesel Fuel Tax on July 1, 2022.

“This historic inflation that has unfortunately become more familiar for Connecticut families has made our state significantly more unaffordable, targeting our middle- and working-class families. Today’s increase of the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax creates additional and unnecessary fuel expenses, which leads to costly groceries, goods, and services throughout the state.”

According to the Department of Revenue Services, the 9-cent increase presents a 23% tax hike on diesel fuel across the state. This means that despite following a year in which retail diesel costs nearly doubled, the increase will officially bring the 40.1-cent tax, up to 49.2 cents today.

Along with Rep. Perillo, Republican leaders in both the House and Senate have urged for a special session to suspend the diesel tax completely, along with the increase. This was all a part of a Republican-led $746.2 million plan to cut taxes throughout the state, easing financial pressure on Connecticut residents.

CT Republicans are urging the public to join their calls by visiting AffordableConnecticut.com, signing the petition to call for a special session, and joining their “Rally for an Affordable Connecticut” events across the state. Senate and House Republicans will be taking their message on the road to call for action.