Posted on April 25, 2022


Anyone who’s visited a grocery store, paid an electricity bill, filled up their gas tank or oil tank at home knows the impact inflation has had on their finances. The rise in tax revenue collected by Connecticut during this time has provided an artificial overflow to state coffers. This increase has come at the detriment of residents who have been overtaxed due to rising prices across the board. Connecticut’s ever-growing tax philosophies are hurting our residents, and we the legislative body, have an obligation and opportunity to provide much-needed relief.

Last week, House and Senate Republicans put forth a proposal that will provide significant and meaningful tax breaks for working- and middle-class families by taking this surplus from the state and putting it back into the pockets of our taxpayers.

This tax relief package starts by cutting the income tax, reducing the sales tax, eliminating the meals tax through the end of the year, extending the gas tax suspension and include diesel in that suspension, eliminating the highway use tax and income tax on pensions and annuities, expanding the state’s property tax credit, and reducing new tax burdens on job creators. Proposals that will help everyone, not just a select few.

The Governor can get serious about providing relief to Connecticut’s taxpayers. He should set aside party politics and reach across the aisle and endorse the House and Senate Republicans plan because as it stands right now, his tax plan does next to nothing for the average family in Shelton.