Shelton Lawmakers Host Legislative Update

Posted on February 28, 2019 by admin


SHELTON – State Reps. Jason Perillo, Ben McGorty and State Senator Kevin Kelly gave an update and took questions about the legislative session on Monday night at the Shelton Library.

The conversation and questions centered around three major topics – tolls, paid medical leave, and casino gaming. In addition, the lawmakers discussed Governor Ned Lamont’s budget proposal that includes new taxes on things from non-prescription medication to sugary drinks.

Rep. Perillo said, “Governor Lamont’s budget plan would tax everything and would be one of the largest tax increases in our state’s history. I have been hearing from many constituents that are frustrated with the continuous attack on their paychecks. As the legislative session moves forward, I urge residents to email and to call the governor’s office and the Speaker of the House to tell them we can’t afford more taxes or tolls.”

Rep. McGorty added, “I want to thank all the residents who are speaking out and getting involved to help us stop these really bad proposals that will make it more difficult to live, work, and retire in Connecticut. I hope that these proposals stay proposals and we can work together to find ways to fix our state.”

“One of my biggest concerns about the governor’s budget proposal is its impact on Connecticut families. The sheer amount of new financial burdens this would place on the backs of Connecticut residents is alarming. It contains regressive tax policies that will hurt those on fixed incomes and low incomes the most. I encourage residents to share their thoughts and opinions on these proposals with their lawmakers and state leaders. Our meeting in Shelton was a great opportunity to hear from many residents, but this is only the start of the conversation. If you were unable to attend our legislative update, please do not hesitate to reach out to us to make your voice heard.”

Governor Lamont is calling for more than 50 tolls on I95, I91, I84, Route 15. Lamont and legislative Democrats are also pushing for a proposal that would create a state-run paid medical leave program funded by money being taken out of employees paychecks.

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