Stop Governor Malloy’s New Tax Plan!!

Posted on March 1, 2018 by admin


Dear Friends,

In his budget proposal at the beginning of the month, Governor Malloy proposed a series of new taxes and fees as a means of closing Connecticut’s $245 million budget deficit.

The governor’s proposed taxes and fees were submitted to the General Assembly in a bill called SB 10, which includes the following:

1. A new tax on nonprescription drugs and medicines.
2. A new CT Tire Tax. $3 per tire.
3. A new tax on low-income working families and elderly individuals by eliminating the $200 property tax credit
4. A gas tax hike.
5. A 25-cent deposit fee on wine and liquor bottles. Fruit, tea, sports, and energy drinks would also be subject to the redemption fee.
6. A penalty on businesses by maintaining a temporary surcharge on the corporation tax that was due to expire June 30.
7. A hike in the hotel tax.
8. A hike in the tax on real estate conveyances.
9. The elimination of the $500 credit on the income tax for recent college graduates who earn a degree in a science, technology, engineering, or math field.

SB 10 cannot become law unless the legislature approves it, which means it is subject to a public hearing before the Finance Committee, of which I am a member. The public hearing is your opportunity to tell the legislature and Governor Malloy what you think about the series of tax increases and new fees.

Tomorrow, March 2, at 12:00 P.M., the General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee will hold a public hearing in Hartford for SB 10 and all of its proposed taxes, in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building.

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Here’s how you can make sure your opinion on this tax bill counts:

Submit your written testimony on SB 10’s tax increases to, and please be sure to copy me, Your testimony can be as brief or lengthy as you would like. Just include your name and town. Refer to SB 10 and mention it in your subject line. Encourage friends, family, neighbors, and other taxpayers to do the same.

If you’d like to testify in person, the hearing will be held on Friday at 12:00 P.M. in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building.

I’m here to help with any questions, so please call my office at (860) 240 1423 or email me at if you would like to discuss this or any other issue further.


Rep. State Jason Perillo
Proudly Serving Shelton