Perillo Defends Election Integrity Opposing Drive-Only License Bill

Posted on February 28, 2024


(HARTFORD) — On Monday, State Representative Jason Perillo (R-Shelton) testified in opposition of HB 5057 An Act Standardizing Drive-Only Licenses, which would permit the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue two types of driver’s licenses: one for driving-only and the other to drive AND to use for identification purposes…like voting.

Why it matters: this bill fails to differentiate drive-only licenses from standard driver’s licenses. If an illegal immigrant with an indistinguishable

Perillo Announces 2024 Legislative Priorities: Security & Service

Posted on February 2, 2024


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This week, I joined my House Republican colleagues in unveiling our 2024 Legislative Priorities. Emphasizing Security & Service, our plan will maintain the state’s fiscal stability while making Connecticut a more affordable and safe place to live.

️ Why it matters: It is important to understand what issues we will be addressing as we approach the start of the legislative session on Wednesday, February 7th.

>> **Find our full plan HERE:** <<

Perillo and McGorty Address High Vehicle Accident Volume: Rt. 8 Shelton

Posted on January 30, 2024


As originally published by the Shelton Herald, By Brian Gioiele.

SHELTON — Route 8 through Shelton has been home to numerous major crashes — and several fatalities — over the years, and local emergency responders say excessive speed and distracted drivers are the main cause.

Shelton Fire Chief Francis T. Jones III said the fire crews responded to 102 incidents along Route 8 in Shelton, north and southbound, in 2023, with 79 of those being motor vehicle crashes. Of those accidents, five required