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Team Sports on Pause, Masks Required in Gyms

Posted on November 24, 2020


I want to share with you that Governor Lamont recently placed a “pause” on team sports through January 19, 2021. As part of this order, masks are now required in Gyms and Fitness Centers, no exceptions.
The Pause affects all sporting activities except for Collegiate and Professional. Teams are defined as a group of more than 4 people jointly engaged in an organized or recreational athletic activity on a court, field, etc.)

What is allowed during Team Sports on Pause:

  • Outdoor Recreation activities
  • Individual and small group training (4 people or fewer)
  • Individual and small group Moderate and Low Risk Sports (4 people or fewer)
  • Gyms (masks now required, no exceptions, minimum 6 foot spacing and other Sector Rule Safeguards)
  • Group Fitness Classes & Dance Studios, Yoga, Martial Arts Instruction, etc. Reduced to 25% capacity (from 50%)
  • Masks now required, no exceptions
  • Subject to minimum 6 foot spacing and other Sector Rule Safeguards
  • School Gym Classes (No Team sports subject to Pause to be played)
  • Professional teams that obtain DECD approval and Sanctioned Interscholastic College Sports (Recreational/Club sports on college campuses are subject to Team Sports on Pause rules)

What is prohibited during Team Sports on Pause:

  • Participation in High Risk Sports (other than conditioning/non-contact drills
  • All Team scrimmages, competitions, camps, clinics and tournaments (including all interscholastic, “pick-up” games, and other informal athletic activities)
  • Participation in any out-of-state Team practices (including conditioning), competitions, camps, clinics and tournaments by CT residents
  • Participation in competitions, camps, clinics, tournaments in CT by out-of-state Teams
  • Teams are not able to break up into smaller groups to practice or compete (e.g. a 20 person team practicing or competing in groups of 4 or less at the same time and location is not allowed

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns pertaining to state government.

State Representative Cara Pavalock-D’Amato