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State Representative Pavalock-D’Amato Responds to Lack of Time Allotted to Review Updated Public Option Bill.

Posted on March 11, 2021


Today, the Insurance Committee held a committee meeting to vote on a bill to provide a state-run healthcare plan to the residents of Connecticut. Unfortunately, the bill we expected to discuss was dramatically changed and members of the committee received the updated 60-page bill at almost midnight the night before it was scheduled to be voted on.

This is a complete disregard for transparency, democracy, and extremely disrespectful to all of the committee members as it eliminates our opportunity to have a meaningful discussion on a complex topic such as affordable healthcare.

By limiting the amount of time to discuss the new bill among committee members and scheduling the meeting prior to a public hearing to discuss a similar proposal, it insinuates they weren’t truly interested in having a meaningful debate on such an important bill proposal.

The fiscal implications of this bill cannot be understated and due to its magnitude and impact it deserves our full vetting and analysis. I gladly supported the amendment proposed by the chair of the Insurance Committee and my Democrat colleague, that would provide consumer protection, create transparency to the proposed state-run healthcare plan, and put the plan under the purview of the Department of Insurance.

I look forward to continuing discussion on this proposal with the goal of crafting legislation that works for everyone.

To view my statements to the committee, click the video below.