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Judiciary Committee Discusses ‘Clean Slate Bill’

Posted on April 7, 2021


On Monday, the Judiciary Committee held a meeting to discuss several bill proposals. One of the bills we voted on (SB-1019) would erase criminal records for individuals who have been convicted of a misdemeanor, or a class C, D or E felony.

A few of the crimes that would qualify for erasure include: possession of child pornography, enticing a minor, and strangulation. Additionally, this bill would also prevent landlords from denying a previous tenant’s re-application (even after the tenant had trashed the place before).

The video is my exchange with Rep. Steven Stafstrom, Co-Chair of the Judiciary Committee, and my comments on several portions of this bill that are extremely troubling and disturbing to me.
This bill revictimizes victims.

Unfortunately, nothing surprises me anymore. The fact that we would put women and children around people who have been convicted of possession of child pornography along with punishing landlords for not allowing that is not surprising.

The bill passed (almost along party lines) by a 23-14 margin.

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