More Veterans Will Now Have Access to Benefits

Posted on October 5, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


I participated in a press conference today at the Legislative Office Building, kicking off the beginning of a new era for Connecticut’s veterans. I helped craft a new law that expands the eligibility of veterans to receive the benefits they earned while defending our country, even if given an other than honorable discharge.

This is important because many other than honorable discharges often stem from incidences occurring as a direct result of TBI, PTSD or military sexual trauma. We should not keep resources away from the individuals who need it most.

For complete details on the benefit expansion, please click here.

We are the first state in the entire country to adopt this type of public policy. With continued advocacy, I believe the entire country will soon follow our lead and expand benefit eligibility to veterans who are need of life supportive services.

It was an honor to work our amazing VSOs such as IAVA, DVA, VFW and the American Legion.