Ohler, Case Reflect with Community on September 11th

Posted on September 11, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


TORRINGTON – State Representatives Jay Case (R-Winsted) and Brian Ohler (R-North Canaan) participated in a September 11th Memorial Ceremony at Torrington’s North End Fire Station. The representatives each expressed gratitude for the service of the community’s first responders and delivered remarks to the crowd of police, EMT, firefighters, and members of the public.

Rep. Ohler said, “The events occurring on September 11th, not only changed my life but became the inspiration for many others of my generation to take action and answer the call to serve our state and country as first responders. As one of those individuals, I think it’s most important to recognize that to honor those who sacrificed everything 17 years ago we must continue to strengthen our American neighborhoods and families through the preservation of public safety. While that day will be historically marked as a day of infamy, it also time stamps one of the strongest reactions from America to stand together and not let evil take away from living our lives as free men and women.”