Litchfield County Regional Fire School Opens Its Doors To The Future

Posted on October 12, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


For many of us ‘Old Timers’ the Burrville Regional Fire School was where we got our first taste of firefighting and the rush of adrenaline that often presents itself at vehicle accidents and structure fires.

After 50 years of use, the aging and dilapidated buildings were razed to make way for a more modern, technologically advanced, full service campus.

This new school, which celebrated its opening today with a ceremonial ribbon cutting, is now called the Litchfield County Regional Fire School. The $13.1 million project was approved in 2016 by the state Bond Commission, but planning for the upgrade began nearly 20 years ago. Richard Winn, Director of LCRFS, led off the ceremony with some very kinds words, many thanks, and also a moment of silence for Jay Cesnak, the project’s Superintendent who tragically lost his life last month.

It was an honor to present the school cadre, along with the entire Northwest Corner delegation, with an official citation from the General Assembly and to speak on behalf of the Fire/EMS legislative caucus.

As you can see from the pictures, this school will undoubtedly become the nucleus for a wide variety of Firefighting, EMS, ICS, and OSHA training going forward. I’m also very honored to be joining the ranks of the school as a newly selected fire service instructor.