Ice Jams Updates

Posted on February 4, 2018 by Greg MacKinnon


Daily Update

5-Day Forecast:
Monday – Partly Cloudy, High 29, Low 13
Tuesday – Mostly Cloudy, High 34, Low 20
Wednesday – Rain/Snow, High 36, Low 21, 3-5in of snow possible
Thursday – Partly Cloudy, High 26, Low 8
Friday – Partly Cloudy, High 26, Low 17

What a difference one week can make! For the residents of Kent, and those who drive by the ice jam on a daily basis, a significant thawing has become more and more noticeable. The Civil Air Patrol conducted another flyover yesterday (2/3/18). The pictures that are attached to this update are courtesy of them. Temperatures over the past week, combined with some moderate precipitation, have allowed river water to finally push through the softening ice jam. You’ll notice that an open water channel has grown in size and is now allowing water to flow freely through the ice jam itself. This is exactly the scenario that Incident Managers and Meteorologists were hoping for. It will, however, take a few more weeks of thawing before this jam moves entirely downstream. While there is no immediate threat of flash flooding and no inherent risks to neighboring homes, the local state of emergency will remain in place until the ice jam melts and/or moves out of town.

Ice Jam Avoidance:
Incident Managers have been urging the public to avoid the ice jam at all times. Thankfully, there have only been a few instances where individuals were told to leave flood prone areas or to step back from the ice jam. The snow cover and the ice jam itself have both started the thawing process. All factors are pointing to a gradual thaw. We must continue to stress just how dangerous the ice is and how it will become increasing unstable as it begins to break apart into smaller pieces and eventually flow downstream. We ask for your continued patience and understanding.

Future Updates:
As this situation continues to evolve and our response plans are solidified we must realize that Mother Nature will ultimately determine just how long this ice jam takes up residency here in Kent. Unless there is an urgent message to be put out or a significant event occurs, the daily updates will now be sent out weekly.

Constant Contact:
Please take some time to check the status of your Everbridge account. This is a secure media platform that is sponsored by the Town of Kent. If an emergency notification ever needs to be sent out, they will be done so through every media platform that is available (phone, email, text, social media). Be sure to check off each incident option.

Media Notes:
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