Register to Testify for a Public Hearing on 8-30g (Feb. 28)

Posted on February 24, 2023


I want to inform you of an upcoming public hearing in the legislature’s Housing Committee on Tuesday, February 28th at 11:00 am. The public hearing will be held in the Legislative Office Building (Room 1A) in Hartford and via Zoom. Those interested can testify in person or via Zoom.

House Republicans have proposed a series of alterations to the state’s 8-30g law regarding affordable housing developments, which currently subjects small, highly developed towns like New Canaan and Darien to legal action from building developers.

Our caucus proposal, HB 5326, is set to be a subject of the upcoming hearing. Although my proposed 8-30g revisions (HB 5783, 5784, 5785, 5791, 5793 & 5794) are not having their own hearing, you can mention them in submitting testimony on HB 5326.

Our colleagues on the other side of the aisle have some proposals as well and we are trying to work together to get 8-30g revised as everyone agrees it is not working as intended here in New Canaan and Darien. For example, New Canaan has not had an 8-30g unit built by a private developer in over 20 years.

Please read the proposals, submit testimony and testify if you can – we need to hear your voice.







HB 5326 will incorporate existing properties that meet affordability standards; eliminate deed restrictions for owner-occupied affordable housing which restrict the ability to create equity; and increase municipal control by removing the deadline for opt out of the “as of right” accessory apartment requirements.

HB 5783 will grant a right of first refusal to municipalities for set aside developments and to require that any municipalities exercising such right complete such developments within 8 years

HB 5784 will reduce the municipal conveyance tax remittance to the state by 10% for any affordable housing development by the municipality

HB 5785 will expand the number of units qualifying for the calculation of an affordable housing appeals moratorium

HB 5791 will enable towns that financially encourage affordable housing to meet affordable housing goals established by 8-30g

HB 5793 will require developers who submit affordable housing applications to erect placards with certain required information at the proposed development site

HB 5794 will reduce the affordable housing appeals threshold in small, highly developed municipalities


On Monday, February 20th, I stood with State Senator Ryan Fazio, New Canaan Housing Commissioner Scott Hobbs, and CT 169 Strong President Alexis Harrison for a press conference in Irwin Park to outline our legislative proposals regarding 8-30g. You can find the full release here.