Juvenile Justice Forum in New Canaan

Posted on December 3, 2021


I was glad to host State Representative Craig Fishbein along with New Canaan Chief of Police Leon Krolikowski and Youth Officer Mike O’Sullivan in the 125th District on Wednesday evening for a Juvenile Justice Forum.

Youth crime in Connecticut is on the rise and recent events around the state, including in my district, have shown that no community is immune. Still, leaders in Hartford are making it harder to hold youth criminals accountable. Representative Fishbein, myself, and our colleagues are working hard to enact sensible reforms that prioritize the safety of our children and our communities. Chief Krolikowski and Officer O’Sullivan continue to be dedicated to keeping New Canaan residents and children safe.

Thank you to all who attended in-person and virtually, and to our panel of dedicated professionals.

In case you missed it, the full presentation is linked here: https://fb.watch/9G47Cs5P-d/