Reducing Lead Poisoning

Posted on April 29, 2022

HARTFORD – State Representative Tammy Nuccio (R-53) voted for HB 5045 “An Act Reducing Lead Poisoning.” The bill seeks to reduce the impact of lead poisoning by changing testing thresholds and improving reporting and remediation.

“This legislation will update our standards and reflect new guidance from the CDC on lead poisoning,” said Rep. Nuccio. “Additionally, new provisions will help with early detection and expedite remediation.”

The legislation lowers the lead blood level threshold required for reporting poisoning cases, informing parents, investigating the source of poisoning and on-site remediation. Additionally, the bill would require primary care providers to annually test higher risk children between the ages of 36-72 months for lead and instructs the Department of Social Services Commissioner to seek federal approval to add necessary services for Medicaid-eligible children.

Representatives from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Dr. Jennifer Haile and Chris Corcoran submitted written testimony in support of the legislation noting, “Lead poisoning is 100% preventable. It has been proven that there is no safe lead level for a child. Children’s developing brains put them at highest risk of the hazardous effects of lead.”

Department of Social Services Commissioner Deidre Gifford commented the bill, “…will allow the state to improve and expedite the detection of high lead levels and will also enable the state to provide additional services to assist children and their families exposed to high lead levels.”

The measure passed the House of Representatives with unanimous approval and awaits further action in the State Senate. This legislation can be tracked using the General Assembly website