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Rep. Nuccio Supports Epinephrine Cartridge Injector Affordability

Posted on April 20, 2022

HARTFORD – State Representative Tammy Nuccio (R-53) voted in favor of HB 5386 “An Act Concerning Health Insurance Coverage for Epinephrine Cartridge Injectors, Health Carriers and Pharmacy Benefit Managers,” which would place a cap on costs for epinephrine cartridge injectors.

“The cost for these life-saving products have increased in recent years,” said Rep. Nuccio. “This legislation is a step in the right direction to lower costs and improve the availability of epinephrine injectors.”

The bill would cap copayment, coinsurance, or deducible for an insured’s cost sharing at $25. The coverage requirements apply to fully-insured individual and group health insurance policies but the language around the pharmacy formularies has the potential to impact many more residents.

Rep. Nuccio who helped craft and co-sponsored the bill noted, “By instituting this cap for plans the state regulates, this legislation will have a broader reach by placing these products on the lowest formulary which are used across plans offered by insurance providers. I believe this can lower costs by reducing emergency visits and treatments by having these products more widely available.”

The legislation was passed by the House of Representative 142-4 and awaits further action in the State Senate. For more information or to track this bill visit the General Assembly website at