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DOL Reminds Claimants Extended Benefits Have Ended; 1099 Tax Documents Available Online

Posted on January 18, 2022

Extended Benefits have ended in Connecticut. The federal Extended Benefits program assists unemployed workers during higher unemployment periods by giving filers an additional 13 weeks of benefits – in addition to the 26 weeks of regular state unemployment benefits. Connecticut became ineligible for Extended Benefits in December 2021 when the state’s three-month average unemployment rate fell below 6.5%.

Of the approximately 38,000 weekly unemployment filers, fewer than 7,000 used the Extended Benefits program as of December 25, 2021. By comparison, during the week of November 27, 2021, more than 20,000 filers were using the Extended Benefits program. In that same time frame, the state unemployment benefit program experienced an expected uptick due to seasonal layoffs, up slightly from 24,399 to 31,003 filers.


Unemployment benefits are taxable. CTDOL sends out UC-1099G tax documents to all unemployment filers in accordance with federal law. The documents are available to claimants through their online unemployment accounts (the green button) and hardcopies will be mailed before the end of the month.

The agency urges anyone who receives a 1099 but who did not file for benefits to immediately visit our fraud prevention page in case of identity theft. Since March 13, 2020, the agency has identified and held more than 100,000 fraudulent unemployment claims due to identity theft.

CTDOL Consumer Contact Center representatives are available to answer specific questions on the 1099 tax forms online or on the phone. Filers with tax questions are urged to contact their tax preparer or seek free assistance through the CT Department of Revenue Services.