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Resources for Children and Teens in Crisis

Posted on October 28, 2021

Mobile Crisis Intervention Services In Our Area:

Mobile Crisis Team staff provide immediate assistance to children and teens in distress by identifying options and resources that meet their unique needs.

Various providers offer both phone and/or office support for children through the age of 17 years.

Upon first contact, children are evaluated and assessed for their unique treatment needs, including:

  • Referral for another level of care
  • Screening and assessment for outpatient treatment
  • Coordination with community providers
  • De-escalation of crisis situations

Please see below for the contact information of the nearest mobile crisis and psychiatric services that directly serve our area:

  • Ashford/Willington: United Services: (860) 774-2020 (Dayville), (860) 456-2261 (Willimantic) (website)
  • Tolland: Community Health Resources (CHR): 1-(877)-884-3571 (website) 

Click Here for a Full Statewide List by Town

PLEASE NOTE: United Services and CHR both offer a Sliding Fee Scale Program for patients who do not have insurance or whose income is insufficient to pay outstanding balances. The amount of the sliding fee discount is based on your family size, income, and determined using the Federal Poverty Level established income guidelines.