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Nuccio Supports Equal Rights for Families

Posted on April 26, 2021

HARTFORD — On Monday, State Representative Tammy Nuccio (R-Tolland) voted in favor of a bill to ensure that children of same-sex couples are entitled equal access to parentage rights in the state of Connecticut.

Nuccio, an early co-sponsor of the measure who urged her colleagues to support it prior to Monday’s vote, said she saw parentage rights as a matter of fairness and equal treatment.

“This is an issue which has caused a great deal of personal and legal stress for parents whose only goal is to raise a family in a safe and legally protected way. This recognizes that he state law was outdated and ensures the rights of same sex parents and their children,” Nuccio said.

“The families in my district and in my own life can view this as a victory. It’s a victory for equal rights, for equal treatment, and a victory for Connecticut families,” Nuccio said.

Following a near-unanimous vote in the House, the bill moves on to the Senate where it awaits further action.