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Rep. Nuccio’s Update from the Capitol

Posted on March 1, 2021

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you are all well as we get closer and closer to spring. The business of the state legislature continues, and this week there will be several notable public hearings on the following issues:

  • Children’s Committee (March 2nd): Hearing testimony on several proposals, including one mandating background checks for youth sports coaches, trainers and instructors.
  • Higher Education Committee (March 2nd): Hearing testimony on a proposal to address sexual misconduct on college campuses.
  • Public Safety Committee (March 2nd): Holding a public hearing on sports wagering and online casino gaming.
  • Education Committee (March 3rd): Holding a public hearing on many issues related to school funding, including one raised bill similar to a concept I introduced (see more below).
  • Environment Committee (March 3rd): Holding a public hearing on animal welfare proposals.
  • Energy Committee (March 4th): Hold a public hearing on solar energy and other related issues, including a concept I’ve introduced (see more below).

After reviewing the agendas for any of those hearings, I would highly encourage you to sign up to testify over Zoom or send in written testimony on a bill that you believe will affect you. For more information on how to give testimony please click here or email me at

Your Voice in Hartford

State education funding for our towns…

During Wednesday’s Education Committee public hearing, one of the bills being raised is Senate Bill No. 947, which would would establish a working group of state education authorities, education unions, and small and rural communities to reevaluate the current Education Cost Sharing (ECS) formula. The ECS is the primary means for funding local school districts from the state level. In 2017 the formula was changed and resulted in a planned decreased in funding for many small and rural towns like Ashford, Tolland, and Willington over a 10 year period.

SB 947 is a “raised bill”, or a bill voted to be drafted in formal language by the relevant committee, in this case the Education Committee because it relates directly to education funding. Reevaluation of the ECS formula is something I’ve been a strong advocate for in this session, and I was happy to see this bill includes language I had previously introduced (House Bill No. 5618). I’m pleased to see the committee will be looking at addressing this need, and I encourage everyone impacted by the current state of our education funding to consider testifying (email me at if you have difficulties).

Eversource and energy-related issues…

No matter who you ask, the current state of our utilities in this state does not work for the vast majority of us. For those of you reliant on medically-necessary equipment like dialysis or C-Pap machines, sustained blackouts like those over the past summer can be life-threatening.

I introduced House Bill No. 5180 earlier on in this session. This proposal would require PURA to create a program to reimburse these customers for the cost of a generator in the event they lose power and therefore are unable to operate medically-critical equipment. I frequently hear from local residents faced with this problem and I know it is an issue we need to do more as a state to prevent.

I’m equally pleased that the Energy Committee has recognized this need and decided to flesh out my concept as House Bill No. 6522. This bill will be receiving a public hearing alongside other energy-related bills in the committee this Thursday, and if this is a problem you or your loved ones have been faced with, I would ask that you sign up to share your story. To learn how, please email me at

Your Safety and Security

Recent events in Tolland and towns across our state have shown that our state laws are failing to keep our communities and families safe. Our law enforcement partners tell us these laws fail to deter repeat offenders and contribute to a climate of insecurity in usually quiet neighborhoods.

This issue hits close to home for me, especially after the arrests following the shocking attempted burglaries and attack on a State Trooper last weekend in Tolland.

House Republicans are committed to ensuring our partners in state and local law enforcement and public safety do not have their hands tied in responding to these crimes. In my recent statement in response to the car thefts in Tolland, I pointed to clear steps we are taking and bills that have been introduced to address this problem. As the public hearing process continues, I will make sure you know how to testify on this issue and make your voice heard.

My Statement on Recent Motor Vehicle Thefts

In addition, I would encourage you to visit the RestartCT webpage created by our caucus. Here, you can see all the bills we’ve introduced to help protect our towns, provide fairness and transparency in government, and restart our state.

Click Here to Read More

COVID Vaccine Update From the Governor’s Office

Following the changes he made to the vaccine rollout on February 22nd, Governor Lamont has announced that individuals aged 55-64 and certain educators and childcare providers will be eligible to start scheduling appointments today to receive the COVID vaccine.

According to the state’s website, eligible educators and childcare providers include:

  • Pre-K-12 Teachers,
  • Paraprofessionals,
  • Custodial staff,
  • Food service providers,
  • School bus drivers,
  • Childcare providers, and
  • In-school administrative staff.
  • Does not include individuals who are not required to work on-site in a school.

To find out how to schedule an appointment or if you’re eligible, visit the state’s COVID vaccine portal at:

As your elected state representative, know that you can always contact me, and I strongly encourage you to do so. Our democracy only works when we all make our voices heard.


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