Valley Lawmakers Talk to Business Owners and Chamber Members

Posted on April 12, 2019 by admin


SHELTON – State Representative Ben McGorty, Jason Perillo and Senator Kevin Kelly joined a group of Valley State Lawmakers on Thursday morning in Shelton to have a conversation with Greater Valley Chamber members about current legislative proposals before the General Assembly.

Rep. Perillo said, “If the majority of businesses are telling us to not create a new income tax to fund forced paid family leave and to not pass tolls than why are we even considering it. Right now we can’t afford to lose more businesses to tax-friendly states. It’s time to stop the attack on small and large businesses, but instead, work with them to create a better economy in Connecticut.”

Rep. McGorty added, “We are seeing tax and spend proposals that are sending the wrong message to businesses in Connecticut. We are not seeing more residents coming into the state, we are not seeing more businesses moving their headquarters and adding more taxes isn’t going to change this. The only way we can bring more businesses to Connecticut is by creating a business-friendly environment and not threatening them with new tax increases.”

Governor Ned Lamont has proposed expanding the sales tax to include a long list of new services such as legal and accounting services. In addition, Democrats have proposed a payroll tax to pay for paid family leave and a plan to implement tolls on every major highway in the state.

Business owners in attendance expressed their concerns about high taxes and tolls. The business community said they would like to see a more efficient state government.