Rep. Perillo and McGorty Support Republican Budget Proposal

Posted on April 26, 2018 by admin


HARTFORD – State Reps. Jason Perillo and Ben McGorty are backing a Republican budget proposal that fully balances the fiscal year 2019 budget and eliminates the projected $321.5 million deficit. It includes policies to address the state’s long term unfunded liabilities and put the state on a path toward stability and predictability.

“Maintaining tax breaks for seniors and working families and reducing the size of state government are just two of the many pro-taxpayer proposals we include in our budget plan,” said Rep. Jason Perillo. “Dan Malloy has proven that spending more and taxing more isn’t the solution to solving Connecticut’s growing budget concerns. A new direction for the state of Connecticut is needed and our proposal offers bold alternatives that will take us down a new road.”

“We protect funding for seniors, veterans, and those that need it the most in this budget,” added Rep. McGorty. “In addition, our budget will reduce state spending, reform state government, and protect taxpayers’ wallets from more tax increases being proposed by the majority party. We don’t need tolls or tax increases to solve our state’s budget crisis. It’s time to stop talking about raising new revenue and start talking about cutting unnecessary spending.”

The Democrat majority rejected the Republican budget in the Appropriations committee but instead voted for their own spending plan which ‘fails to address our unfunded liability and included $213 million more in state spending.

Republican Budget Highlights

• Balances the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in full.
• Balances the Special Transportation Fund, resulting in surpluses in each of the next 5 years. Implements Prioritize Progress, a long term transportation funding plan. Transit projects can move forward immediately.
• Restores funding for core government services, municipalities and education.
• Rejects governor’s drastic tax increases.
• Maintains tax breaks for seniors, retirees and working families. Maintains new retiree tax breaks contained in bipartisan budget for pension & social security income. Rejects governor’s proposal to eliminate $200 property tax credit which supports elderly and working families.
• Reduces the unfunded liabilities of the state including in the State Employees’ Retirement Fund, the Teacher’s Retirement Fund, and Retired Teacher’s Health Fund. Dedicates a minimum of $400 million to $600 million or higher to these unfunded liabilities.
• Shifts services to nonprofit providers without violating SEBAC as recommended by state agencies.

Funds the following programs:
• Restores funding for the Medicare Savings Program for those up to 175% of poverty, providing coverage to 158,099 people.
• Restores funding the governor proposed cutting to municipalities and education grants. Increases Municipal Aid $63 million more than the governor. Fully funds the Education Cost Sharing formula at FY 2019 enacted levels which is $85.6 million more than the current year. This rejects the governor’s proposals to reduce funding next year and carry forward education holdbacks. Does not zero out funding for any town as Democrat budget does.
• Fully funds Renters Rebate program, protecting 48,000 people. No longer shifts the expense onto municipalities.
• Restores funding for Elderly Nutrition Program, providing $2 million and rejecting the governor’s proposed cut to this vital service. Also makes this a separate line item to better protect this funding in the future.
• Preserves grants for substance abuse treatment and mental health care.
• Increases funding for retired teachers health care.
• Protects funding for fire training schools and eliminates governor’s cut.
• Restores funding for School Based Health Clinics.
• Protects Roberta Willis Scholarship for all current student recipients.
• Restores funding for Connecticard Program.
• Restores funding for the Hispanic Programs in DSS providing funding to nonprofits.
• Increases funding for emergency placements and employment and day services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
• Includes new funding for regional workforce development boards.
• Provides funding for the Critical Infrastructure Protection Unit, responsible for approving school security plans.
• Provides funding for the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit to ensure valid sales are entered into our database in a timely basis.
• Provides funding for Puerto Rico evacuees.
• Maintains money for STRIVE, rejecting the governor’s proposal to eliminate this funding. This program help people coming out of prison get back into the workforce.
• Restores $2 million to fully staff the Connecticut state veterans hospital’s critical care unit.
• Continues tourism and cultural programs funding.
• Does not implement any cuts to Care 4 Kids.
• Continues enhanced reimbursement rate for primary care providers.
• Increases court support staff by $2 million