Rep. McCarty Working to Make Changes as Ranking Member of Education Committee

Posted on February 15, 2019 by admin


Proposes New Legislation to the General Assembly

HARTFORD — State Representative Kathleen McCarty (R-38), a former educator, Board of Education Member and now Ranking Member of the Legislature’s Education Committee, has proposed numerous education-related bill proposals to Legislative Leaders to improve school district policies and ease their financial burdens.

“I am honored to be serving in my current position as ranking member on the Education Committee. I am working diligently to ensure that my voice is heard on the important issues impacting our schools – in Waterford and Montville in particular,” said Rep. McCarty. “As a legislature, we should be supporting our boards of education, schools and teachers by removing unnecessary mandates on them.  These proposals will enhance protection for our students, educators and boards of education.”

The following pieces of legislation are aimed at helping schools focus their funds on the most vital resources that benefit our students:

  • H.B. 5069: Would provide financial relief to towns that provide special education to out-of-district students by the lowing excess cost threshold. This means they would only have to pay 3 times the average student cost – vs. the current rate of 4.5 times the average student – to educate one special education student.
  • H.B. 5070: Would establish a task force to review the effects of the education cost-sharing formula on rural towns in the state.
  • H.B. 5071: Would prohibit the governor from making rescissions to towns’ education cost-sharing grant during a fiscal year.
  • H.B. 5073: Would reduce costs for mandatory training of school personnel.
  • H.B. 5085: Would create an incentive grant program that provides funds to school districts for regionalizing their school transportation services.
  • H.B. 5780: Would require the Department of Children and Families to reimburse towns for the costs of educating nonresident children that are placed in such towns.
  • H.B. 6214: Would provide incentives to school districts for the inclusion of social-emotional training in professional development.

Rep. McCarty has also proposed creating a task force to study eligibility criteria for preschool-aged children to receive special education services that address gaps in learning. Additionally, she has a proposed bill that will improve the admission policy for students to any technical education and career school.

Finally, Rep. McCarty has introduced a Resolution, along with some of her colleagues, to recognize women as veterans who served in the US Cadet Nurse Corps during World War II, and a proposed bill to recognize June 15th as Cadet Nurse Corps Day. The Resolution will be sent to the US Congress if approved by the Connecticut General Assembly.

All bill proposals in the General Assembly are considered by legislative committees, and potentially brought to a public hearing, before being raised to the House and Senate for a vote. To read more about these bills, and find their bill numbers, please visit Rep. McCarty’s website at and click on the “Legislation” tab. If you are interested in sharing your opinion on a bill, information on how to testify at a hearing or via email is available at