Rep. McCarty Continues to Advocate for Millstone

Posted on April 16, 2018 by admin


Sends Letter to DEEP Urging Efficiency and Support

HARTFORDState Representative Kathleen McCarty (R-38) sent a letter to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) this week regarding Governor Malloy’s Executive Order 59 and its requirement to evaluate whether Millstone is confirmed as “At Risk” of premature closure.

Thanks to Millstone’s continued collaboration with state regulators to disclose all necessary financial information, DEEP and the Connecticut Public Utilities Authority (PURA) recently released a resource assessment regarding the financial viability of Millstone in which they recognized that Millstone’s operation costs and lower natural gas prices may have been previously underestimated. Rep. McCarty was very pleased that they determined it “prudent” and a “reasonable mechanism” to allow Millstone into a competitive solicitation process, a bidding process that has the potential of lowering electricity costs for Connecticut ratepayers.

“I would like to commend both the DEEP and PURA for the due diligence that your agencies have displayed throughout this entire process,” said Rep. McCarty. “In light of the current realization by regulators that the financial viability of Millstone’s continued operation could be at risk, I think it is fair and appropriate to allow Millstone to petition PURA to be considered an ‘existing resource confirmed at risk.’ I hope that regulators will act favorably and independently upon this petition, and deem the nuclear power generating facility ‘at risk.” This determination will allow Millstone to be evaluated fairly on both price and important non-price (i.e. fuel diversity, grid reliability and zero-carbon emissions) benefits.

“It is very much appreciated by the Waterford community, and other communities throughout the state, that regulators have taken into account the critical importance of keeping Millstone from premature closing for energy, environmental and economic reasons and benefits,” said Rep. McCarty. “It is a unique operation that produces around-the-clock, reliable electricity – all while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the State of Connecticut.”